Shipping Policies

Free shipping currently to the United States.

International Shipping Terms and Conditions:

Mentality Nail Polish will only ship internationally overseas via FedEx. Sea freight options should be available in the very near future and this document will be amended to reflect that addition. We will adhere to all United Nations and International Maritime Dangerous goods codes for packaging and customs declarations. Your forms will say “cosmetics - hazardous - nail polish”. 

Buyer will pay actual shipping costs to their country. This will be invoiced separately for now. Mentality Nail Polish currently offer the coupon code GLOBAL for a 10% discount on the purchase price of polish that is shipped internationally and purchased retail. Select international retailers of our product will not qualify for or be subject to coupon codes offered by Mentality Nail Polish via separate product pricing schedules, but no discounts on international shipping are offered. We also will not gouge our friends for shipping. 

Please check to make sure that we can ship to your country. We can only ship to countries approved by FedEx for international shipments of dangerous goods: . Countries such as Mexico and China are on the banned country list by FedEx. 

We will not be held responsible for lost packages. We highly recommend insuring your package so that if anything happens in transport, all interested parties will be covered. Buyer will be responsible for any and all unpaid customs fees due to their country. Please make sure that nail polish will pass through your country’s customs before ordering. We will not be responsible for packages impounded/destroyed by any customs agency. We also will not knowingly ship to a country on the banned list for shipments of nail polish by FedEx. 

We recommend ordering at least 30 polishes for overseas shipments to defray the cost of shipping across many bottles. Consider putting together an order with your friends to split the overall cost. Ground shipments to Canada are less expensive than overseas and smaller orders might be considered by those purchasers.

Fedex rates here:

• Your order will ship from United States zip code 95354
• 6 polishes = 1lb.

We reserve the right to limit or refuse service. Please allow additional processing time for large volume orders. Vetted retailers may qualify for wholesale pricing, so contact us for details and we will send you an application for our records. MSDS are available.

We cannot ship overseas via USPS. It is illegal in the US to ship overseas in this method, and also in many countries such as the United Kingdom where Royal Mail will destroy all packages. Mentality Nail Polish believes that customs fraud is a very serious offense and absolutely will not engage in illegal shipping activities. All world governments have come together to establish United Nations guidelines for shipping hazardous materials and we will abide by them.

Mentality Nail Polish appreciates all of our friends for understanding the seriousness of the measures that we have undertaken to be able to ship internationally. We live in a world where terrorism is a real threat everywhere in the world and we will take every precaution that we can to ensure that we meet or exceed every world government’s regulations on import/export of dangerous goods.